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Sotogrande is the crème de la crème of exclusivity. A huge gated private community stretching back from the coast, this is where some of Europe’s richest and most powerful families choose to rent their luxury villas. It combines glamour with tranquility, the port glistening with swanky, gleaming yachts and polished super cars, chic boutique stores, glitzy cocktail bars and fine dining restaurants, the whole area bathed resplendent white architecture.

This is a place sitting in a more socially elevated plane than the rest of the Costa Del Sol region. Booking a luxury villa to rent in Sotogrande means rubbing shoulders with the true elite of society. Activities on offer are limited, but this is a veritable golfing haven with some beautiful and pristine courses. There are plenty of opportunities to go sailing or try out a game of polo in what are considered to be the finest polo courses in Europe. 

There are lots of fantastic restaurants and high-end bars, as well as some unique and trendy clothes shops, while the beaches are home to a couple of glamorous beach clubs. And the atmosphere at night is cool, sophisticated and cosmopolitan, with a soft romantic ambiance hanging in the air.

The luxury villas to rent are what you’d expect: grand, imposing, gorgeous mansions, set in manicured garden estates with sweeping drives and huge swimming pools, spacious swanky apartments and pastel-shaded stylish townhouses overlooking the harbor, with magnificent sea views.

Sotogrande is discreetly glamorous and strictly for the privileged few, but there are Unique Living offices nearby to ensure your stay is hassle-free. Book your luxury villa rental in Sotogrande and you’re guaranteed a relaxing, tranquil vacation in the cool embrace of society’s elite.


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