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Villefranche-sur-Mer is both modern and idyllic. A busy little medieval town, it has a quaint provincial feel contrasted by the many restaurants and terraced cafes catering to the tourists. The red tile roofs of the old town houses, the narrow cobblestone streets, the vaulted passageways running underneath, the distinctive church and bell tower, and the various plazas make Villefranche an unforgettable vacation destination.

There are a few gorgeous, long, sandy beaches and a shorter pebble beach, along with a couple of great hiking trails along the coast. There’s also a protected deep-water bay that’s unrivalled on this coast, which has been operating since the 13th Century and used as a set for many movies over the years. Man-made attractions include the Baroque-style Saint Michael’s Church, built in the 1750s and housing various works of art, Saint Peter’s Chapel, dating back to the 16th Century and housing a fantastic Jean Cocteau mural, a citadel from the same time period, and the Villa Leopoida, once the residence of the King of Belgium and tagged as ‘the most expensive house in the world”.

There are some fantastic luxury villas to rent in Villefranche, ranging from magnificent Belle Epoque-era mansions with grand facades and huge gardens, to charming Provençal-style stone renovated houses and contemporary pristine villas with dreamy infinity pools and vast terraces, and, due to the town stretching from the coast up into the hills, they all have breathtaking panoramic views and a soothing breeze coming in off the coast.

Villefranche-sur-Mer is a pleasant, relaxing and exclusive vacation destination, offering Old World charm with touristic amenities, and luxury villas in and around the town. With Unique Living offices nearby ready to ensure a smooth stay, this is somewhere that should be on everybody’s vacation wish list.


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